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Thread: activating voice mail for incoming calls

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    Default activating voice mail for incoming calls


    I want the auto attendat to automaticly transfer a call to a certain extension, where there he could leave a voice message.

    I have a timethecking script for working hours and non-working hours for a certain company. When there is an incoming call in non-working hours , the attendant should play a certain message and then the user should be able to leave a voice message for a certain extension. I know how to transfer a call to a certain extension, but I don't know how to make a possibility to leave a voice message on that extension.


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    Dobr Dan Gospod,

    If you create a rule in the call routing table that is lets say pattern of 88?? nds = 2 this is of course if you use 2 digit extensions other wise replace ?? with the amount of digits in the form of extension digits = ??? for 3 or ???? for 4 etc...

    then make sure that you send it to Extension Voicemail .. and put the full digits into the timeout destination of your auto attendant .. just make sure that your message in the auto attendant is the Recurring Message prompt and not the standard message area... the why will be realised if you test both ... im sure you will be politely surprised about what you hear.



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    Well, I would like to add the following to what Kevin wrote:
    if you are using custom VXML autoattendant, then you still need to add the PBX-Voicemail routing rule as Kevin mentioned, but instead of configuring the default scenario for AA, you will need to make call through that routing rule from the VXML script using the "dial" object (not the "connect" object!!).

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    I know david he has his heart wanting to make a script ... but the default scripting inside the A/A is fine too .. and is a simpler approach to the VXML scripting scenario ...
    I just thought I would save him 15 minutes or so ...



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    Yes, I am using custom auto attendant. I have to, because I am using time checking. I also used the classid "dial" and forwarded the number of the extension to the routing table, where I added PBX-Voicemail routing. It works perfectly. Thank you!

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    Matic, I know you have gone to a lot of trouble performing the VXML script with timing etc...

    I have found the most practical to use the CRT with multiple destinations with the date and time / enabler disabler as an override / enabler disabler only to handle the time of day / night / holiday routing.

    But that is totally up to yourself how you apply the vxml for holidays ..

    I have been known to program for Cevapi and Petitza if you get stuck ....


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