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Thread: Quadro 6L (Version 1) & Software Version 5 Update Issues & Disconnected Calls

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    Default Quadro 6L (Version 1) & Software Version 5 Update Issues & Disconnected Calls

    My Client is having a couple of issues with their Quadro System (Quadro 6L Version 1... 4.1.40 Firmware) so I decided it might be wise to update them to Version 5 Software....

    The Website clearly states the download of Version 5 should be suitable for either the Quadro 6L V1 or V2 Devices...

    Upon loading the software, The V1 Device reverts to "Key System" Functionality, i.e. No Advanced Routing Options for FXO Ports ete....

    It appears the software identifies my system as a V2 Device with the Key System Jumper Enabled.

    Has anyone come across this issue before?
    How can I work through it?

    My Customer site has
    - 5 x Snom 320 IP Phones (Latest Snom Firmware)
    - 1 x Quadro 6L V1 IP-PBX
    - TP-Link 8 Port POE Switch

    My Customers main issue (exclusing this) is that Longer Telephone calls (such as those around 5-10 minutes) get disconnected/cut-off for no reason. Usually these calls are NOT via the SIP Trunks we use but Incoming PSTN Calls which are then chatted to for quite some time....

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    Which PSTN provider is it you are using ? Telstra ( or its resellers ) or Optus .

    I am sensing that this you are an Aussie time zone person.
    I can be wrong though... as I have been wrong before ..



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    Yes, I'm located in Melbourne, Australia (as is Client)

    Client is utilising Telstra for PSTN Lines.

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    I would suggest strongly to bug Alloy Service and ask them for assistance.



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    Yep, you need to contact Alloy. The V1 6L is purely Australian product, it was not globally distributed and had no anouncement or fw on Epygi website. The globally sold V2 6L is a bit different product. I suppose Alloy is handling the smooth upgrade of V1 6L devices to newer 6L versions.

    As far as I know you would need to get a special version from Alloy, which will allow you to upgrade normally to 5.0. After you upgrade to that version, you can upgrade to any other latest version published on Epygi website.
    That is to the best of my knowledge. If you contact Alloy, they might suggest you some different workaround too.

    Best regards,

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    Thanks for your assistance, I've contacted Alloy this morning... will post if I get any results...

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