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Thread: Quadro6L KSE Voicemail

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    Question Quadro6L KSE Voicemail


    I know that voicemail is not a supported feature of the KSE mode.
    Is there any workaround to get an unanswered call on an SLA to go to a voicemail box on the Quadro?


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    For each SLA there is "Forwarding" setting, where you can set up No-Answer forwarding to routing record (which can be PBX-Voicemail). So call can directly go to voice-mail of some extension.

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    Thanks Harutyun.

    Thats good. On Epygi's Quadro6L documentation it shows that Voicemail feature is not available with key system mode.
    (* Features not available in Key System Emulation Mode)

    The marketing people at epygi USA should update that! It makes the product sound like it has no voicemail capability in KSE mode.

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