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Thread: forward call if E1 no answer or busy

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    thanks dav, KAvin for your help and support.
    i have a project that 3 sites each have Panasonic + Quadro E1 connected .
    the easy way for follow me is to be done by the PBX.
    i suggest if we use any sip server like Quadro 4x is this will help.
    cause as i know and as i tried it will not gonna work.
    i thought maybe by playing around with Quadro 4x in call routing table and creating ext samilier to what panasonic have it might work.

    kavin i didn't mean anything man just thought that you understand that ext 100 is a quadro extension while it's Panasonic ext.

    seams like no solution for this... Thanks alot dav, Kavin for your help.

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    After more thinking - this is possible to do if you have additional 4x..

    You connect Qe1t1 to Panasonic PBX via E1T1 trunk, and install Q4x nearby.
    All incoming calls come from SIP to Q4x. For each extension of Panasonic PBX you have one V-ext on Quadro4x with UCF (Unconditional Forwarding) enabled. For eaxmpte for extension 100 of Panasonic PBX, you should create extension 00100 on Quadro4x, activate UCF from that extension to two destinations: one desitnation is some physical line on Quadro4x (you don't need to attach a telephone there), second destination is to the Panasonic PBX extension 100 through QuadroE1T1 (you will need to create the corresponding rules on the QuadroE1T1 too). On the extension 00100 on Quadro4x you should activate NACF ("No-answer forwarding") to the mobile number (via some ITSP).

    So calls will come to exte 00100, will ring for some time on both the Panasonic PBX ext 100 and on one of the physical lines on Q4x (if you attach no phone, you will not be bothered by ringing), then if nobody answers on Pnasonic extension 100 during the no-answer-timeout of Q4x, the call will be forwarded by Quadro 4x to the mobile number.

    That should work...

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