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Thread: Call Routing Table CRT

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    Default Call Routing Table CRT

    Hi There.

    Can anyone please help, I have trouble uploading speed dials via the lcf to the call routing table.

    all the routes set to go through the main unit ( Quadro 16x) works fine.
    All the routes set to go via the FXOGW give problems.

    the main unit (quadro 16x) is on IP
    the FXOGW is on IP192.168.69.3

    all outgoing local calls go through the FXOGW.
    only call from the fax ext goes through FXO line 3 on the Quadro 16x
    only cell calls go through the cell router connected to FXO Line 4 on the Quadro 16x

    Attached is a saved page of the CRT page as well as the logs from the Guadro 16x

    Can you please assist me in solving this problem.

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    Corne, if you configure FXO GW speeddials manually (without LCF), does everything work right?

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    the first time i entered all of them manually.
    a problem occurred that some speed dials will dial the wrong number or the system tells me they don't exist. i have about 150 speed dials. i think that having 180 routes in the routing table causes problems

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    Actually the CRT is quite intelligent .. it is the use of some wildcard characters that cause behaviours that you wouldnt expect...

    Such as the use of the ? character through your dial plan. it takes precedence over any character no matter the weight of the path for the call.

    You might want to verify your Speed Dials do not clash with that process or some other part of your dial plan either in the extension management or the CRT.

    Dont forget you can use varying number ranges for all features or extensions nothing has to be constant... all is to do with pathing ... routing.



    Ps go the Wallabies !!!

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    i only used ? in the routes ?? and ??? for exts.
    ?? i use for 2 digit exts (auto attendant)
    ??? i use for my normal spdls( 211 - 245)
    5??? i used to test a directed call pickup facility( this was only added lately)
    the speed dial problem still occurs even if my call routing table is clear.
    i tested it on a test unit.
    i deleted all the call routes and tried this setup, same problem.
    i also tired it under firmware V5.0.11, V5.0.12, V5.0.16.
    the FXOGW firmware V5.0.1, 5.0.11

    I am still to test it under 5.0.17 but according to the release notes, there was no related fixes.

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    Lots of ?? style rules .. omg.... I personally would define your routes a little more.. leading digit so to speak....



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    i changed 5??? to 52?? for local ext directed pickup groups(test)
    i changed ??? to 2?? for local exts
    i changed ?? to 4? and 0? for pickup group and aa

    i hope this is better.

    i'm still learning the do's and don'ts regarding the routing table.
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