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    I would like to ask how can I configure remote extension on epygi pbx with softphone.
    I set IP line in settings ->ip phone other and gave name and password.
    In extension managment i check remote extension.
    I wanna join epygi from wan and i would like to know how to configure my softphone.


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    Can you tell us how you did it?

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    i was trying with xlite

    configure quadro
    telephony->ip lines settings

    phone model:manual
    username:xlite (example)
    password:xlite (example)

    Extensions Management :
    edit ip line
    check remote extension
    username:remote (example)
    password:remote (example)

    configure x-lite

    sip phone x-lite : name and password use same as in extension managment (remote)
    check-register with domain and receive ioncoming calls.

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    just remember that the free version of x-lite uses the PCMU g711u codec.
    if bandwidth is an issue you will need to purchase the full version of x-lite which has the g729 codec included

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    Another thing with X-Lite it can not transfer..... so using it as a test is good...

    Eyebeam is good but ... Epygi Softphone for the win !!!


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