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    Default pin protect specific numbers


    it is possible to pin protect specific numbers in an extension? for examples all mobiles: 69* ?


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    Sure, you can set Local Authentication on the routing rules.

    You would need to configure the PINs in the "Call Routing"->"Local AAA Table" (add users with "Authentication by login").

    After adding those PINs (users), go to Call Routing Table and edit the needed rule and set the "Local Authentication" on the "AAA Required" group in the CR Wizard.
    After that you can can see the "Users List" in the "Local Authentication" column of the Call Routing Table on that rule. Click to that and enable the needed PINs for that rule.
    Please ask if somethin is not clear.

    Best regards,

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    I want to edit the rule 0?* which is the NDS: 1 - ISDN trunk: Any Port(User), but it doesnt have the checkbox to edit it

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    Yep, you cannot edit that. It is system rule which you created when passing through the "System Config Wizard" and selecting the "0" as "PSTN Access Code"

    If you want to edit tat rule, pass through that Wizard again, and select nothing as "PSTN Access Code". The rule will disappear. Then you can create your own rule like that one, and set anything you want...

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    Nice trick! thanks

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