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Thread: FXO DTMF problem (loud noise)

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    Unhappy FXO DTMF problem (loud noise)

    Hi there!

    I've got two Epygi QuadroFXO installed, and anytime a partner on the analog line dials a tone I get a loud noise on the SIP side..
    Does anybody know what I can do against this?

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    Which kind of noise is that? It might be the DTMF digit distorted by high-compression codec like G.729. If the noise is very different from DTMF and you believe that is not just distorted DTMF signal, you'll need to contact Epygi tech support with a DSP capture, so they can analize whether this tone is received from PSTN or there is another problem. You can use dspcapture.cgi or callcapture.cgi to capture the voice stream during such conversation.

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    Yeah I've already done that.
    (It's PCMU Codec)



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