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Thread: Can the Quadro4x 2 line accept the config file for as 4 line?

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    Default Can the Quadro4x 2 line accept the config file for as 4 line?

    We have a 2 FX line Quadro we bought at the same time as 4 port Quadro4x in 2005 to play around with configurations and evaluate for customer projects and this has sat on the shelf doing nothing. I now want to load the complex config file from the 4 port unit onto teh 2 port unit. Does anyone know if this will work painlessly or mess teh whole thing up? ie Will the absent hardware just be ignored?

    Why..? I hear you ask...

    Well, we got a Quadro4x with 4 lines in 2005 after a lightning strike on remote BT lines took out a small Avaya/Lucent exchange (smoking stuff, no way back), because Avaya wanted to charge full trade price to swap it - rather than accept an act of God, and swap at hardware cost. I looked hard at the market at that time and found Epygi doing interesting things, and as we were interested as local area suppliers/systems providers to include this product in our offering.

    Guess what? Remote strike again last week (despite arrestors) and FX0 lines 1 and 2 are zapped. Everything else (including lines 3/4) OK. At least Epygi charge 50% of the price to swap, but that's still ~$800 more than it costs them to build the boxes - so rather than an Act of God, I would describe that the luck of the Devil on Epygi's part.

    If we can use the spare 2 port unit, we can then return the 4 port unit for repair of a $10 input module. rather than pay the 50% cost of the swapout.

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    Hello William

    as I wrote you in another thread concerning this topic, you can use QuadroFXO to have redundant replacement for the burnt FXO lines.
    Anyway, the configuration of 4x4 is compatible with 4x, so you can load that with confidence - nothing can mess up because of that. Excessive lines will be silently ignored.

    Best regards,

    P.S. By the way, why did you log this into the QCM subforum? I would like to move it to the right place..

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