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Thread: Asterisks and quadro2x

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    Default Asterisks and quadro2x

    I am hoping someone can shed some light on the following for me.
    I currently have a quadro 2x, and would like to connect a number of phones that do not work with the quadro. If I build up an Asterisks/trixbox will I be able to use this as a frontend for the phones and the quadro as the backend? Will the quadro understand the requests made by the asterisks box?

    Many Thanks

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    Hi, could you please mention the phones that do not work with Quadro ? Are they analogue or IP-Phones ?
    Theoretically there should not be a problem with connecting the Asterisk to Quadro. Quadro doesn't have some "special" support for asterisk, but as both of them are SIP devices, you always can configure some scenarios using them together. You need to configure correct Call Routing rules on both devices. There were several topics in our forum regarding Asterisk configuration with Quadro. On of such discussion is here:

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