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Thread: Remote Extn calls die after 32 secs

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    Default Stun Settings

    The STUN parameters under NAT Transversal Settings are identical on both Quadros:

    Primary STUN server:
    Primary STUN Port: 3478
    Secondary STUN server:
    Secondary STUN Port:
    Polling interval: 1 hour
    Keep-alive interval: 120 second(s)
    NAT IP checking interval: 300 second(s)

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    You may want to check the latest release notes with 5.0.19 ... It might give you a clue to what the problem might be.


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    You might want to try adding the subnet on both side of the ipsec vpn to the NAT exclusion list of both epygi.

    Telephone->NAT Traversal Settings->NAT Exclusion Table

    We had a similar problem and that fixes it. The calls were probably diverted out via the external ip. Adding the subnet to that list stops the calls going out via the wan (in my experience).
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    Nice to see your answer Ben....


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