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    Default call back

    is there any ring back when busy facility on internal exts.

    ie: if i dial ext 229, and he is busy on the line, can i set a ring back to ring me back when he is done

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    There is no such feature that works exactly according to your description, but there is another feature on Quadro called "Auto (or Busy) Redial" which can be activated by service code "*1". Here is the description of the feature. Your calling to the extension (or external SIP number) which is busy. Once you get busy tone, press *1. Quadro will initiate a redial and you'll hear beep tones in your handset. You can wait until the opposite party will be available and the Redial will initiate a normal call (Off-hook Redial), or you can put your handset down as soon as you'll hear beeps. In this case Quadro again will initiate a call when the opposite party will get free, and will notify you by ringing (On-hook Redial). If the calee will take the phone before you, he/she will listen to autogenerated message by Quadro to wait until you'll get on line.

    Note, that during the AutoRedial your extension will be in Busy state. Also AutoRedial will work only if the VMS is disabled on calee extension, otherwise you'll get VMS activated after initiating Redial.

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    i am using call waiting and kickback facilities on all my exts

    i presume this will affect the auto redial facility

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    Yes, it will.

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