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Thread: REmote extension with DHCP wan IP

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    Question REmote extension with DHCP wan IP

    Hi there,
    I have a Quadro 2x at home and I want to be able to have it as a remote extension off a clients Quadro 16xi.

    My Quadro 2x sets behind my Broadband Router which has a DHCP assigned IP WAN address.

    Will this still work even though my WAN IP address of my Router might occasionally change?

    Many thanks,


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    I hope somebody else can demonstrate I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure no.
    I'd suggest using Epygi's SIP service.
    You could setup a call route on your client's Quadro 16xi when they dial 171 (for e.g.) it dials an Epygi SIP number registered on your Quadro 2x.

    The SIP number could have an unconditional diversion to an internal Quadro 2x extension.
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    actually you can. instead of using the routers wan address, try using the dns alias of that ip ie: our wan ip will change every 6 hours, i can still log in to 'companyname.dnsalias.comort'

    you allocate a port on the router and route all incoming traffic from a certain ip/ alias to go directly to the epygi on the other side of the router.

    if you use the epygi do dial up to the net via pppoe you can simply use the dnsalias as your epygi's wan address

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    You can use a dyndns hostname for a remote extension?
    Thats good to know.

    You can only use an IP address in the routing table for a SIP -> SIP call.
    Hostnames don't work in the routing table.

    I've got a 4 site mesh of Quadro 2xi PABXs that all call each other by the routing table.
    Remote extensions are not used.

    At home I have a locked MyNetFone ATA that rings another MyNetFone number at each site that puts me in the call relay menu. This is done using the Authorised Phones Database.

    Quadro 2xi firmware 5.0.12

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    For your application probably the best solution is the "SIP Tunnel" in Telephony menu. Use your client's Quadro16x as a master device and your Quadro2x as a slave. The slave will register on master and master will always know the IP address of the slave (your Quadro2x). Configure the call routing on both units using the "SIP tunnel" call type. I hope these hints are enough for you to figure out how to configure the rest.
    With this approach you don't need to rely neither on somebody's SIP server not on DNS server. You can find more info on that on Epygi's WEB.

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