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    Hi all

    I have a client thats very upset about his telephone bill. He wishes to block all mobile numbers from being dialed out of the epygi except a list of ten numbers. I cannot edit the dial main dial route that sends calls over the isdn line. How can I block mobile numbers and add exceptions for a few numbers.



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    By Filtering the call type for the extensions that you wish to allow to dial out to mobiles and those that you dont...
    pattern 004*
    nds11 <--- strips all of the digits - you could send them to a voice mail by suffix or even a recording saying "oi you are not authorised to make mobile calls" via an AA that does the same... Sending them to the bosses mobile could also get the right result tooo...

    The above would be if the caller dials 0 for an outside line if you dont dial 0 and dial 9 substitue the number there. This also assumes that you have 10 digits for mobiles and your mobile starts with 04
    This is how I would prevent people in Australia from dialling mobiles.



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    Thanks a lot going to try and follow what you said. hopefully i can make it work soon and get this guy off my back.


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    1) Update yuor profile - if we knew where you were we could offer more specific support. :-)

    2) You are going to need to create N+1 rules where N is the number of mobiles you DO wish to be contactable.

    3) The above example is for Australia - in UK mobile numbers start 07 so your "block" rule would be
    Called number 07???* (i.e. any number starting with 07 and being at least five digits
    or, if you dial 9 for an outgoing line
    Called number 907???* - calls maching this pattern are to be blocked.

    Then you need N permit rules, each with a SPECIFIC mobile number, e.g. Called number 907973123456 - the rest of that rule is exactly the samem as your main dial-out rule, e.g. discard the 9 and present the rest to the ISDN / E1 / ITSP link...

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    Just dont forget to filter the extensions out ... so if you wanted a block of extensions be allowed to dial out to the Mobile number ... {11-24,28-32} that would allow extensions 11 thru to 24, 28 to 32 to be able to dial the mobile code what ever that is...

    Regards from Down Under ...


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    One more addition: you would probably need to set the "Fail Reason" to "None" on the added rules (the ones for blocking the access, like 004* or 07???*), otherwise if call fails to pass through them by some reason, system will try to use other matching rules, including your old "main dial route that sends calls over the isdn line", so from time to time the users could be able to call to mobile numbers in spite the will of the boss

    Best regards,

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