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Thread: 5.0 new features/ capabilities

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    Question 5.0 new features/ capabilities

    Hi ya'll,
    I've read through the "Announcing 5.0" document and it mentions a new feature whereby in point # 1 it states:
    1. Program Phone Keys from Quadro GUI
    New Capability: Configure the programmable keys of most supported IP phones directly from the Quadro GUI.
    Why It Matters: Now you can program IP phone keys without accessing the phone’s GUI. The entire configuration of supported IP
    phones can be done directly from the Quadro, saving time and effort.

    Where do I find this on the Quadro 16xi, I've looked under extensions but it's not obvious to me.

    Can anyone help please?


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    telephony---->line settings---->advanced ( found on the extension left of the web link )



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    I love it....thanks very much.



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