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Thread: NT clock and Transparent codec on Q.ISND

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    Default NT clock and Transparent codec on Q.ISND


    I would like to ask two questions:

    1.) How is it with the sensibility of the NT clockon the Q.ISDN? I'm asking this in case of DECT on the PBX.

    2.) How is it on the Q.SIDN with the support of the transparent codec, for programming the pbx behind the gateway?


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    1. Quadro ISDN support both TE/NT modes. Each ISDN port can be configured as NT(master) or TE(slave) mode.

    2. Quadro ISDN doesn't support transparent codec by default.
    In case of disabled ECHO cancellation and with default gain settings (Rx - 0, Tx - 0)
    Quadro ISDN may support transparent codec.


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