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    Hi there Paul,

    If I am right... You have the Epygi Lan port connected to the Cisco switch and your telephones connected via the Cisco switch and the Epygi Subnet.

    Out of interest which version of Cisco switch is it? and is it possible to provide a "dumb" POE switch on the Epygi lan and move the Epygi Lan to it with the Epygi Wan port to the Cisco switch ...

    In other words - If you move the Epygi from the current subnet, give the current Lan users access to the Epygi via the Wan port and move all telephones and the Epygi Lan port to the new subnetted Lan via the dumb POE Switch.

    Turn on DHCP via the router and under the Epygi management allow Lan users rights to access the Epygi this will allow them to perfomr the same functions as before but not direct access to the telephones without VPN access.

    I suspect that your current subnet is somehow related to your problem.


    Paul, I know what I suggest is a task and a half, but it gives you 100% control of what is happening on the telephone subnet via the Epygi Lan and means that the Epygi WAN subnet will not affect your customers telphone calls.



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    thanks so much for your time and effort.

    The cisco switch is a 3550 non PoE, as the phones are using separate power they don't need PoE. I'm going to site tomorrow to possibly change the switch.

    So what your saying is basically take the Epygi Quadro16xi's LAN interface and disconnect it from the Cisco Switch?

    What is the purpose of the dumb POE Switch you suggest? What devices will connect to that? I have one if necessary.

    The problem happened again today and I was able to get the logs and add them to my ticket so I'm awaiting feedback.

    Present network set up is as follows:




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    Hey Paul,

    I have in the back of my mind ( i thought i remember a post about a similar problem with Cisco Switches outside of the Epygi forum - it may have been in a competitors forum ) that the Cisco switch was misbehaving causing sip / network related problems to the IP telephone subnet... this may not be the case, but if your Epygi wan and Epygi lan are seperate already then it should be easier to swap out.. and the reference to a dumb poe switch was in regards to providing power to the telephones and a sanitised network. No bells n whistles on the switch so to speak to remove any other influencing factors.



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    I'm going to swap out the Cisco tomorrow and play it by ear from then...hopefully it will solve it. funny though but this has only occured since upgrading the Quadro firmware to 5.0.16.

    Thanks again,


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