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    Wink Remove extension from group

    I have a Quadro2x system. When I receive a phone call and it rings my extension, we have got a setting in place that after a number of rings, all the other extensions (phones) ring.
    Under the extensions management page, I have a "call all" (extension 77). I'm assuming this is the group or extension that the system uses to ring the other phones.

    My question is, is it possible to remove my directors extension (phone) from this group? i.e I want all the other phones to ring if I can't answer my phone in time but I do not want my directors phone to ring.

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    You're "call all" group is probably a Multiple Extension Ring (MER) group. I just needs to be removed from that MER group.

    Open extension 77 in the Quadro GUI (Users > Extension Management) and go to Supplementary Services. From there, you should see a line with 'Many Extension Ringing' set to ON. Edit that line and remove your director's phone from the 'Many Extension Ringing' list.

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    Hi techkey,
    I've opened up extension 77 by going to extensions management page and clicking on 77 in the extension field table. It then goes to extension settings and shows extension: 77. From there I click on Supplementary Services. It then only displays: Caller ID Based Services & Basic Services. Am I looking in the wrong place?

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    Click the suplementary services ---> Caller ID Based Services ---> click the ANY ADDRESS Link and look for MANY EXTENSION RINGING group ( MER ) and left check the extension or extensions that you need to add or disable. Save and then you are done...



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    Thanks KSComs, I found that in the list and disabled my Directors extension.

    Thanks for your help, much appreciated!

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