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    Talking Changing Auto Attendant...

    Hi all,

    I am fairly new to the "Quadro IP PBX" game. We have installed 1x Epygi Quadro2x IP PBX system with 5x Snom IP phones attached. The network engineer that we had working for us has moved on and left me with the existing setup. I need to know where I modify the Quadro settings to change the voice auto attendant feature. ie, We currently have an automated message that says "Welcome to....." then "press 1 for sales, 2 for server..." etc. Where does the Quadro look for this file?

    Hope the above makes some sense.
    Appreciate in help in advance.

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    Hi all,

    I've managed to find the auto attended custom scenario area where a customized scenario has been uploaded. I've downloaded the xml file and looking into it. Thanks.

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    Ok, so you just needed a little bit of time to find that out
    You're welcome to ask if you have any questions with the script.
    Best regards,

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