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Thread: Day Light Saving Time for Oz / NZ

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    Default Day Light Saving Time for Oz / NZ

    Well there is a slight problem with all of the Australian and New Zealand Epygi systems due to Day Light Savings Time.

    I know the easiest way around this is to adjust the time ourselves and not use a time keeper, t0 use a time keeper and just change the ime settings in the local section and say we are +9 GMT instead of +10 GMT for East Coast Australia.

    So under
    Regional Settings and Preferences

    I just set mine to Yakutsk +9 GMT which then puts my time in the correct state or If I just ignore the time in the System and allow the telephones to reboot with the right time it will be good - thankfully I have SNOM's.

    The link above gives all of the time with DST included. I am not sure if it is possible to remove the older Time Servers and use some from the pool of NTP servers .

    So for Australia I would use all of the following Pooled Servers :

    This should give me time access to a pool of at least 70 time servers
    I hope this might be resolved in a newer firmware version or at least an Overide button in the time and day settings so you can keep time automatic with a time zone and add or remove time periods as needed to match the zone you live in. ( possible ? )


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    I don't seem to have any issues with DST in NZ. I get the time from a Domain Controller which gets it from a local NTP source. All phones (Snom) showing correct time as is the Quadro.

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    ... I assume the Australian timezone problem is fixed in 5.0.16 (I definitely remember that, because I did change that myself . Can you try that?.. (this will let you return to Australia from Yakutsk, which is actually not a very nice place to stay there.. ..

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