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Thread: Australian and New Zealand Support

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    Default Australian and New Zealand Support

    Hey there Guys N' Girls, dont forget we have Alloy Computer Products that provide distribution of the Epygi and support for it to our neck of the woods.

    If you need support, use the following :

    30574040 - Support Group at Alloy
    Dont forget to dial 8 first unless you have changed the Epygi prefix in your call routing tables.

    Or if you want Sales/Accounts etc use - 30574000 for the main attendant.



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    Do they have email? read these forums much?

    I get Epygi via importer in NZ, will they provide support to me directly

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    Maybe you should ask them?????

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    Thx for the numbers Kevin - must give them a bell sometime......

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    It would be great to see a for "Distributor Support in your country/county" section of the forum or at least to sticky this for Australia New Zealand support.



    ps general bump of thread to keep us Aussies n Kiwi ppl informed.

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