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Thread: Snom 300 Firmware Update

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    Unhappy Snom 300 Firmware Update

    Hi all,

    I have a Snom 300 IP Phone connected to my Quadro2x system. I wanted to update my Snom 300's firmware from V6 to V7 (7.1.30). I followed all instructions as per Snom's website. It started to update and was looking promising. . . now it is stuck on system rebooting please wait. Also, the spaces in between the words show symbols??!! I have been waiting for almost 10-15 minutes. I guess something isn't right. Any ideas?


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    Grab a tftp server software from -
    ( it is what i use exclusively and works a treat )

    And do the Update of firmware locally rather than remotely this will remove any problems as far as internet connection time outs etc.. but a firmware update from 6.x.x to 7.x.x will take a while.

    Grab and download the following to a directory that you point the tftp server into. You will have to rename the sofware to snom300.bin for it to work. Do this for 7.1.30 and then you should be right to use the automatic update features. This is totally a SNOM thing and nothing to do with the Epygi.


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    Thanks for your reply Kevin,
    It looks like it's rebooted now but it shows NR on the display and shows the incorrect time. Any ideas how I can get it registered to my quadro2x system? I can dial out and receive calls but time and name are incorrect.

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    It might be a screen refresh still... and may need you to power cycle the SNOm ( unplug power and plug it back in after 10 seconds )

    Especially if it hasnt done that within a few minutes.


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    Thanks Kevin. Worked OK after power cycle.

    I was hoping the firmware update would rectify the New Zealand daylight savings time issues.... any ideas?

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    7.1.33 rectifies the version 7 dst for NZ



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    Excellent! All go now. Thanks Kevin.

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    Here some more details:
    If a snom state "system is booting up. please wait ..." of stuck in other step and disconnect the power doesn’t help than you can do the following:
    1. Need to download and install TFTP server on local PC such as:
    2. Run the TFTP and Set its TFTP download directory to the phone firmware directory
    3. download the required snom firmware version from
    4. Rename the phone firmware file to snomXXX.bin
    5. Set the PC IP address manually for example to subnet and connect it to a switch
    6. Connect the snom phone NET port to the switch as well.
    7. connect the power to the snom (or do power cycle)
    8. when the snom starts and ask for TFTP (For TFTP Update. Press any key: 3 - 2 - 1 - press one of the number key and set IP address same as the PC IP such as Subnet
    Set the TFTP site as the PC IP for example as shown above
    9. After go over all the steps press the "V" key and the phone should download the downgrade version you choose.
    10. If not working after the process is done try to power cycle again.

    You can visit snom wiki for more information:

    Good Luck
    Aylon @

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    Default Regarding firmware upgrade


    We try to upgrade the firmware version from V6 to V7 for snom 300. I first loaded snom300-6.5.20-SIP-j.bin using tftp server, then tryed to load the snom300-7.3.30-SIP-bf.bin image on the phone. Once the image loaded on to the phone , phone is complaining as "wrong image " and cancelling the tftp bootup with the new image.

    Any idea on it.....


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    Upgrade it to the latest 7.1.xx version then the Quadro can do its upgrade to 7.3.x


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