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Thread: Call Park from IP Phone

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    The reference card says you can press FLASH 5 to park a call.
    Is there anyway to do this from an IP phone?

    I am using an Aastra 480i.


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    Some features codes are different for IP Phones. We have a document Quadro Features on IP Phones which is reflecting feature codes for supported IP Phones. For the park you have to put a call on hold then dial *5.


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    If your IP Phone has the option to assign a 'Line' to the programmable keys (Aastra), you can set this as a speeddial e.g:

    Programmable key 1:

    Type: Speed Dial, Value: *5, Line: 2

    That way pressing the programmable key will put the call on hold, dial *5 with Line 2and park the call in one keystroke.

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