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Thread: Using Windows DHCP instead of Quadro

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    Default Using Windows DHCP instead of Quadro

    I am using the Windows DHCP to give out IP configs to phones and PC's on the LAN and this has been working fine.

    I have a mixture of Snom & Linksys phones (don't ask, bad call on my part). The Snom's have been autoconfiguring fine using the Option 66 & 67 settings. Up until now the Linksys' have been manually configured.

    Now that the Quadro supports the Linksys, my question is can I have both the Snom & Linksys phones autoconfigured by the Windows DHCP server? There seems to be a conflict in the 66 parameter that would mean the Linksys' won't autoconfigure.

    Am I missing something here?

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    why not get the Win DHCP server to ignore the macs of the telephones and get the Epygi to ignore all macs except the telephones...

    Might mean a little more work but would mean you have seperation between the 2 subnets...

    Also you might want to pester Alloy for the hidden pages for the autoconfig of the telephones (if u get the systems from them)



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    Actually the approach Kevin is suggesting, is probably the best.

    If you want to keep anyway your current approach (get DHCP exclusively from Windows server), then you may have a conflict in the option 66 (tftp server name) and, even more probable, in option 67 (tftp file name). But you always can configure your Windows DHCP server to give different 66 and 67 options to different MAC addresses. Snom's MACs will get options the way Snom needs them, and Linksys MACs - the way Linksys needs them.

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    Thanks guys. I really think this is an area that could do with some more thought on Epygi's part though. One easy suggestion comes to mind - provide a function for the Epygi to download all the mac addresses of the Special Devices (ip phones, authorised phones???) as a text file so these can be imported into MacFilterCallout (
    At least this would reduce the pain of having to rekey the bloody things - and possibly get them wrong in the process.

    After some more thought though I think I may revert to splitting the Voice and Data onto separate networks to reduce the administrative burden and provide better compatibility with the Quadro and phones.

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    Your last sentence is what I believe the ideal solution and gives you as an IT Admin/maintainer the least headaches. It is one of those things that I try and implement across the board where I can.



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