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Thread: Suggestions Operator and Day/night option

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    Default Suggestions Operator and Day/night option

    Hi all, I have 2 suggestions for future release.

    In extension option add Operator role with phone key on duty/out of duty and day/night option.

    These function is for add more functionalities to the quadro without use VXML script.
    Description: example, ext 00 (open hours AA), ext 01 (close hours AA)

    Day/night : when night mode is enable all call is routed to ext 01 with close voice prompt.

    In Day mode all call is routed to the operator (or multiple operator) if the operator is on "out of duty" mode (lunch time or coffee break) the call is routed to the extension 00 with open hours voice prompt.

    If possible IP phone add BLF key DAY/NIGHT and IN/OUT (on duty/out of duty)

    Have a nyce day
    And sorry again for my bad english

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    Hi there,

    This is already available in the CRT and achievable with enabler / disabler keys or by time date etc...

    I will explain : If you are using any Epygi system you can envoke a night and day by the Call Routing Tables ( CRT ) in the following manner.

    2 Rules setup - 1 day time and 1 night time

    I will show a calling route reflecting an ISDN MSN/DID number of 9564-1133 as the primary number to envoke night and day status.

    2 x Extension Tables are set up 1 A/A Day = 00 and 1 A/A Night = 01

    Hours of operation are from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday all of the rest are night mode

    Night rule

    - Pattern - 95641133 , NDS - 8 , Suffix - 01 , Time and Date - Mon - Fri 5:00pm - 8:00am , Sat - Sun 00:00am to 11:59pm
    In the Extension tables I set up in 01 the standard scenario and add a message to say that the company is closed and to call back during normal hours or hold to leave a message - I leave the normal functionality of the A/A so that extensions can retrieve voicemails, set up forwards and to ondial if they have that type of access on time out i send the call direct to the voicemail box of the receptionists extension in case the caller just wants to leave a voice mail.

    Day Rule

    - Pattern - 95641133 , NDS - 8 , Suffix - 00

    In the Extension tables I set up in 00 a message to say GDay welcome to my corporation and instead of using the standard scenario I can point the caller direct to the operator extension or a MERg.

    Now you can also put another rule between the day and night rules above and insert a timer or even a key enabler disabler just incase you want to do other things.. like have a reception overflow or other route just in case the receptionist is sick or something.

    That is similar to what I normally put into the CRT of customers that I work with.

    The CRT is a very powerful tool and much easier to work with than writing complex xml files.. although xml has its time and place... ie when you want to write some ivr trees within the A/A .. but that is another session : )



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    im trying to figure out your way but I am unable.
    I currently have a msn number

    12345678 to forward to 00 and on it I have a timeout message (which's actually a welcome message) and on timeout it calls 100 (the reception).

    now I want to have separate messages for day and night. I added the rule on call routing table but I can't figure out. there are missing information. what is the call type on the rule? I have ISDN.

    Also, I thought call routing was only for outgoing, not for incoming calls. am I wrong?

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    The Call Routing for everything - both for incoming calls, and outgoing. Any call from SIP will go to call routing if the destination of that call is not a username of the Quadro extension. And also you can route the incoming calls from ISDN to the Call Routing, for them to be routed then to extension.

    This is what you need to do to have different messages for day/night: route the incoming calls from ISDN to some routing pattern, for example "123456789" or "isdnincoming" (you can use letters as a pattern in CRT), then have two routoing rules with that pattern:
    Rule 1. "pattern=isdnincoming,NDS=12,prefix=00,date/taime=day time"
    Rule 2. "pattern=isdnincoming,NDS=12,prefix=10,date/taime=night time", where the 10 is the attendant for nighttime (you can create addotional attendants in "Extension Managemnt").

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