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    Hi guys

    ive got a little problem.

    ive got my extension forwarding to my cell phone via an analogue cell router on a FXO line. all incoming FXO calls are to forward to my cell when activated, this works no problem.

    once the call gets through to my cell phone, after my call the line does not disconnect either FXO line. i either have to physically disconnect the line from the unit or terminate the call on the quadro home page.

    ive tested with this and found that the call will stay active. i had to disconnect after an hour.

    how do i resolve this without affecting normal system behaviour??

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    FXO disconnect problems are pretty common in South Africa. About the half (or even more) of such problem reports come from SA. So you are not alone with this problem there
    Typically this happens because of abcense of standards among the SA telco lines, and some settings on Quadro should be adjusted to solve that (fxocfg.cgi).

    But in this case if you change the normal FXO disconnection settings to match your cell router (GSM gateway?), you will probably have disconnect problems with your telco lines. So the best approach would be to finetune the disconnect indication on the cell router itself. I believe it should have such config option. The easiest would be to switch ON the "power disconnect" indication on that cell router (not to deal with busytone-based one).

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