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Thread: What’s BEST - route incoming call

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    I am having trouble routing incoming calls and MAKING the incoming calls reliable.

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    Could youspecify what is ment by fail? Is remote party hearing busy (call is disconnected), or call seems to be connected, but remote end hears nothing?

    First of all please check if you have line appearances on the Quadro's Line Settings more than 1.

    In additioin depending on the Snom phone firmware version, if the receptionist lift the handset (trying to make call), phone can reply to any incoming call as "Busy here" As a result Quadro will not activate the "forwarding if no answer" service (forwarding if busy will be the appropriate one), but rather will sent the call to the voice mail of the extension 31. If there are no voice mail enabled on that extension then remote end will hear busy signal.

    Again this behaviour is Snom firmware dependant, f.e.with the 6.2.3 firmware you should have the call comes to 1st available free line of the phone, so the call will not be busy.

    To resolve the issue you may try to set up the BUSY CALL FORWARDING setting on the Quadro (ext 31) to your virtual extension. But it will probably be better if you just use the 6.2.3 firmware version of Snom phone.

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    Hi Megatron and Haratyun:

    Megatron, nice drawing. Haratyun, I like your set up. I learned something new.

    Toon Six

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