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Thread: Remote Extension - WHAT OUT FOR THIS !

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    If you have the sameIP address range for both your Quadro Lan as well as the remote network.. The remote extension WILL NOT WORK... asthe RTP tries to send the voice traffic to the LOCAL ADDRESS, andnotthe REMOTE ADDRESS.

    Basically it thinks the remote extension is on the same network segment.

    Therefore I recommend NOT to set the Quadro LAN address to either or as these are both the default for MANY off the shelf ADSL routers.

    e.g. If you take a remote extension away on business.. and find your hotel has a network configured on the same as your office .. then your remote extension will not work... [img]smileys/smiley19.gif[/img]

    Check out the this explains it better

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    That is not a fault with the Quadro, that is how routing works. Your computer will only send packets to the gateway (Quadro) if it concludes the destination IP address is on a different network (subnet).

    And same goes for the Quadro, it will only try routing a packet to another network if the destination subnet is different to its own LAN subnet.
    Anyone, correct me if I'm wrong. :-)

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    Agree.. its NOT a quadro Issue.. its a ROUTING issue..

    BUT and easy trap to fall into [img]smileys/smiley19.gif[/img]

    It took me 2 hours before i picked it [img]smileys/smiley2.gif[/img]

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    Well, I'll re-post here the same comment which I posted in another similar topic:

    I think you are notperfectly right here, Martin

    If your remote extension phone (rem.ext.34 on the picture) is configured to use STUN, then it should work normally with the Quadro. If the phone is using STUN (and it is normal phone, like SNOM or AASTRA), then all the SIP and RTP messages, which are going out of that ADSL router on the picture, will have the IP as a source IP, and also have this IP in the body of SIP messages. Thus Quadro will not even see the local IP of the remote extension phone, and so will work ok

    A little problem might be, if you are not using STUN on remote extension phone, but using "Symmetric RTP" feature of the Quadro. But even in that case, if you have normal ADSL router at remote location, which will change the source IP of all outgoing packets, there should be no problems. Problem can be only if the router doesn't change the source IP, which is actually incorrect behaviour for router.

    If something doesn't work with scenario on the image, then this should be either a bug or misconfiguration.

    Best regards,

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    TRY IT ... see what WORKS...

    Its only works in one direction.. !!!!

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    I'll try First Ineed to find a normal IP phone, which supports NAT traversal correctly (preferably with STUN). The scenario have to work if everything is properly configured, there is no other choice (of course, if IP Phone and router work correctly). Just we need to find right configuration and right phones.

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    Tried [img]smileys/smiley1.gif[/img]

    I tested that with Polycom SoundPoint IP 601 and it works (voice in both direction). Polycom uses manual NAT traversal, where you have to enter the NAT IP address, mapped SIP port, and start of mapped range for RTP ports. I wouldn't say that it was easy (reconfiguring Polycom is not very fast process), but worked. I can try with other phones, as I cannot be sure that all others are working ok with NAT too.

    BTW, the QCM will work for sure too in this scenario[img]smileys/smiley1.gif[/img]

    Using "Symmetric RTP" fetaure instead of configuring NAT traversal on phone, however, could be problematic. I didn't test that but I am not so sure now it will work ok. Better to configure NAT on phone, though it may be more complex.

    Best regards,


    P.S. Martin, if you tell me the model and configuration of the phone you are using, maybe we could make it work together. Of course, if youy need that now.

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    Aastra 480i 9133i and 9112i

    Snom 300, 320, 360

    and ... what are the basic's ??....if you run the phone in standard NAT .. and the Quadro with open IP ..

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    I played around with x-lite soft phone and got it to register fine but
    had a problem with call dropping out after 32 secs. I think this is
    fixed now by using the right addresses.

    I also did a bit of playing around with the manual STUN server
    settings. This is what I found. If you use the STUN server you get the one way silence. The remote extension
    cannot hear but the local extension can. I think your problem relates
    to a STUN issue.

    I then entered the same address that I entered into the x-lite, the
    address that the quadro is connected to ie 192.168.*.* and added the
    port 3478 so it became 192.168.*.*:3478 and suprise suprise it worked.
    Took a little longer to register but 2 way calling and no drop out at
    32 secs. I entered the the address of the router
    and again took a while to register but worked fine.

    Worth a try with using these setting in the STUN area of the Snom 320/360 as this is all I have to refer to at the moment.

    PS: Martin I am in Gosford if you want to get hold of me and we may be able to sort this problem out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by coastvoip
    I played around with x-lite soft phone and got it to register fine but had a problem with call dropping out after 32 secs. I think this is fixed now by using the right addresses.

    This is an issue with X-Light and eyebeam. you HAVE to supply the ports to listen too.

    On the "Topology" page, tick "Manually specify range" under Port used on local computer" and enter 5060 and 5071 in the boxes.


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