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Thread: Connect between Alcatel OXO to E1/T1

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    Hi All,

    I had this problem.
    I connect my E1/T1 Gateway to Alcatel OXO PBX.
    I can call from E1/T1 to my Alcatel PBX (extension number).
    But when try to call from Alcatel to E1/T1, it's failed and don't have any dialtone
    when I look at Call statistic there is an Successful call there.

    Is anybody have this kind of problem ?
    I assume that my Alcatel PBX configuration, but don't know where and how to solve it out.


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    Did you purchase this unit from Epygi? If so I would recommend that you open a Technical Support Request on this issue so that we can gather all necessary information about your connection and also about the issue.

    Thank you

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    Hi dancil,

    Problem solve....
    Right now I can do SIP from my PBX through Quadro E1/T1



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    how you solve the issue? Please provide the details.

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