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Thread: Little help Please - SIP numbers

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    Question Little help Please - SIP numbers

    Hi guy's, I'm very new at this so excuse my ignorance please! Once a Quadro registers the SIP numbers with Epygi, can one ring these numbers to call the Quadro from a normal phone, and if so how?

    Be gentle I'm just a newbie!



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    Nope. Is that gentle enough? ;o)

    If configured correctly, you can call these SIP numbers from other Quadro's or any other SIP service though.

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    The SIP numbers provided for free by Epygi with any Quadro unit are "pure" SIP numbers, not IP-PSTN, and you cannot call from that numbers to normal landline phones, and vice-versa. To have such possibilty you should buy an IP-PSTN service account and configure in on your Quadro.

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