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Thread: Radio as MOH

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    Cheers David, I will get onto our distributor for further chat with your product management. thanks again, Lee/SMT Brisbane

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    Smile Re: Getting A Radio or CD-Player or MP3 Player onto the Quadro

    Hi Everyone, i have been following the MOH Developemt quiet closely as i think is one area where the Quadro is let down, as Most PBX have the ability to have a external Music Source.

    Saying this i think the RTP Streaming option is a very good one and i think i have work away aroudn getting a tradional Radio, CD Player or MP3 OPr MOH Appliance into the Quadro using the new Streaming Function.

    All of this is based on once Epygi come back to be on how to setup the Streaming, but my understanding is that you just need a RTP Streaming Server in Which VLC will do it and then from VLC you can Stream a Cacptured Device in this case the Microphone input, where your analogue device can go into.

    It is one more step then just plugging directly in but has much, much more Flexability.

    Hope this helps.

    Regard's Adam
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    Now, something that has piped up recently in my dealings with MOH for Australian use is that one of the music licensing organisations namely APRA here in Australia, have been rigorously finding companies who have no licence to rebroadcast licensed Music in any form and are seeking funds for the composers / title holders of the music.

    As an owner or even reseller of a telephone system you have to be aware that the music that is provided for MOH has to be licence free / paid for.

    The Epygi music on hold would not come under that licensing format because you as a purchaser would be paying the royalty fees to the composer of the music. This of course can be confirmed from Epygi themselves.

    If you are in Australia and want your own certified, registered, Paid for in FULL - Music On Hold, call and ask for myself, I will be able to assist you.


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