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    We have started to see an interesting niche opening up where customers
    want to have IP phones on their desks and an PSTN gateway only.
    There are using phones that have most of the basic PBX fucntionality
    (hold, transfer, conference, forward, DND, etc) built in. They
    connect a number of lines to the PSTN gateway and that is their office
    phone system.

    The FXO gateway would fit this niche quite nicely I think. If you
    just added the ability to register phones to it then this could make an
    attractive bundle for a small office. It already has voicemail,
    which I always wondered what that was included for. You would not
    need any of the other PBX features at all.

    As this customer grew they could be transitioned to a 4x or 16x as a seamless upgrade.


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    We have seen this request from others. But this is the beginning of an IP PBX on the FXO GW. We will consider this. Also we have an ISDN BRI GW coming up soon.


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    Well... yes and no. The only IP PBX features would be the
    voicemail, which is already there, and the phone registration.
    The voicemail isn't even essential (but is nice to have) since you
    could use an external voicemail server.

    No other PBX features would be needed since these types of customers are already expecting to only use what the phones offer.

    This is perfect for a customer who doesn't need a full out PBX right
    now and just wants a bunch of PSTN lines that ring through to their
    phones (DID). The PBX features are actually overkil lfor them at
    the moment but they can grow into it.

    A number of our recent customers would have been better served by this
    type of configuration. They have never had a PBX and in fact
    those features just ended up confusing them. We could have
    started them out with something that was close to what they were used
    to and at the same time given them a migration path for the future.

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