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    CCITT A-Law convert with Linux

    Hi there...

    I found a trick for convert any sound file to CCITT A-Law 8Khz 8/16bits Mono Epygi sound format.

    Simply execute "sox input.wav -A -c 1 -r 8000 output.wav" where "input.wav" is the...
  2. Caller ID based Local AAA authentication issue

    Hi there...

    I have been testing this feature on a Quadro 16X with a firmware rev. 5.1.31 and a Snom300 connected in the LAN side.

    I create a new entry in the AAA Table. I select "Authentication...
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    Why don't make your own language pack with the...

    Why don't make your own language pack with the voice that you like, instead cry !

    There are, in the Downloads section support, a how-to about this.
  4. Diferences between new features "Listen-in", "Whisper", "Barge-in"

    Hi everybody !

    I can't see the diferences between the new features "Listen-in", "whisper" and "Barge-in" on Quadro 32M; especialy because my english is very poor !

    The manual isn't so clear.
  5. Thnxs

    It's solved now....

    There are some problems on the iptables rules of my debian gateway.... Now work like a charm.

    Thnxs for your support. Best Rgrds.
  6. Asterisk registration failed on

    Hi everyone...

    Why we can't register an Asterisk PBX on ┬┐?

    What we want is use our internat extension on (205XX) like a trunk. I add the following in the sip.conf
  7. Hi tjma2001: Seems to be a problem with the...

    Hi tjma2001:

    Seems to be a problem with the Hardware Version SASY-MICRO-0300-0200 of the Quadro6L specifically.

    - -
    Victor Villarreal
    Engineering Support

    ITS - Informática,...
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