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  1. Thread: Epygi quirk?

    by sigint

    Epygi quirk?

    I have four identical cyberdata ip speakers set up and tested that phones can call all four. They were working and then without reason one of the four units decided to not register. I rebooted and...
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    Epygi DHCP issues with windows server dhcp

    The eypgi box seems to have issues with the windows server dhcp server. Even after I have put them in different networks/vlans, the eypgi acting as dhcp will still stop the dhcp server on windows and...
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    What is meant by "registrar"?

    On the phone and in the manual it makes mention of "registrar"... what exactly is that? Is it the ? I'm new to SIP/VOIP phones and can anyone explain to me if I must use ""...
  4. I'm not sure I quite understood you. Did they...

    I'm not sure I quite understood you. Did they answer when you did an internal call or not? On line one you stated that "not answer" but on line two you say they can call internal?

    What do you mean...
  5. Trying to test call internally two compatible Snom phones with Quadro M8L failed

    I'm staging the Quadro M8L system with the snom 320 phones for a client who wants to use the Quadro M8L and turned the Quadro DHCP off, using the SBS server as DHCP and DNS. Also everything is...
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