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    VPN From Epygi -> Sonicwall

    I have setup a IPSEC VPN from Epygi to Remote Sonicwall in order to get around NAT issues for a remote extension

    The VPN is built ok and my extension registers but I just get one way audio

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    Tracking Incoming Call Stats


    I am trying to create statistic for incoming calls by intercepting messages from the 3PCC.

    I will need to have sight of calls as they come in (unanswered) and then when that call is...
  3. Yes please, could you email me a copy. Thank...

    Yes please, could you email me a copy.

    Thank you

    (See your inbox for the address)
  4. Hi Tigran, ActiveX conrtrol is I...

    Hi Tigran,

    ActiveX conrtrol is

    I have run the CallControlTest application and it works fine.

    However, I am coding in (2008)

    All the events fire correctly except for the...
  5. Hi Tigran, I have done this at last. I am...

    Hi Tigran,

    I have done this at last.

    I am now subscribing to the call routing (SubscribeToCR method) which is returning ok in a SubscriptionConfirmed event.

    Problem is tha the CallOriginated...
  6. Firmware Version: 5.0.16SLR/Release

    Firmware Version: 5.0.16SLR/Release
  7. Hi Tigran, Thanks for this. I do not seem to...

    Hi Tigran,

    Thanks for this. I do not seem to have OnCallOriginated in any of my documentation or withing the control itself. I am running Quadro control

    Is there an alternate version...
  8. Closing a call started from Pbx extension using 3pcc

    We want to be able to restrict outgoing calls based on configuration and called number. Is this possible using the 3pcc?

    From a DialogArrived event, closing the call on a callID (CloseCall())...
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    PSTN Line gives inaccurate call duration

    We have a Quadro 2x

    We are trying to write some software to produce billing reports based on call duration from CDR.

    The problem is that unanswered calls have a duration greater than 0. This...
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    I have just been to the Convergence Summit at...

    I have just been to the Convergence Summit at GMEX at Manchester this morning and met a company called CommSoft RMS (I wonder if this is the same RMS software).

    I explained that we were using...
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    Customer Billing

    I have two Hotels (90 Rooms) that I am quoting Epygi PBX systems for (M32x)

    I need to provide a method for the Receptionists to producs a Telephone Bill for each Room (Ext) every morning.

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    'IP Connection Cannot Be Established'

    We've been living with this for some time. We have tried all sorts to resolve it.

    Often (Most times) when we attempt to make a call we are presented with the following audio 'IP Connection...
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