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  1. yes. I can see all the extensions listed and...

    yes. I can see all the extensions listed and registered on the epygi list when i log in, so i know they do actually register. Just very annoying being kicked off a call every now and then. When i go...
  2. Could not register user on - timeout error occurred

    Every day all my snom handsets get the following error at some stage, usually all together but not always, and appears to be random times.

    Could not Register user xxxxxxx on server...
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    Hi hrant - thanks for that. but the routing...

    Hi hrant - thanks for that. but the routing starts by asking destination. I tried entering the extension here, and ticking the filter on source box. Entered the number that is calling in the source...
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    Using Caller ID to direct call to xtension

    Hope this isn't a stupid question.

    Is it possible to make certain external numbers be directed to specific extension.
    I don't mean distinctive ringing but I want to program the Quadro to...
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    QCM can't download extensions

    I have QCM begind NAT on a remote site connected to Quadro2x behind NAT in office.
    Can get quadro to make calls out, but can't receive calls and can't download extensions, or subscribe to line.
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