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    modifying SIP Contact Header record

    On an outgoing IP-PSTN call is it possible to modify a SIP Contact Header record so that the displayed CLI is associated with a trunk group?

    E.g. ...
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    Quadro 2x2 WAN port speed

    Does the 2x2 have a 10/100 Base BASE-T WAN port?

    Your marketing literature says it does, however the networkphycfg.cgi hidden page only has options for 10BT-HD and 10BT-FD

    I thought that all...
  3. UPDATE: By programming the Snom 7xx manually I...

    UPDATE: By programming the Snom 7xx manually I have got the mailbox key working with the shared mailbox.

    Would still prefer to have this feature available through auto-provisioning.......
  4. Hi LevonD The configuration you have described...

    Hi LevonD

    The configuration you have described is actually how I have implemented and it works fine. However the message key on the Snom 710 and 720 becomes redundant and I would like to re-use. I...
  5. Configure Snom 7xx mailbox button for shared mailbox

    I have a group of users that all have access to a single shared mailbox rather than having individual mailboxes.

    At the moment I have configured one of the function keys on their Snom 710 handsets...
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