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    Ashot, thank you very much for your reply. I...

    Ashot, thank you very much for your reply.

    I remember reading a while back that that 4l did have KSE mode, however at that time it wasn't implemented, or wasn't ready. Before i purchase my spare...
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    Quadro 6L question

    I bought a quadro 6l and the recommended aastra 6757i phones, 5 of them, for our restaurant, running in Key system emulation mode. So far everything seems to be running very well its been about a...
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    Just wondering why they would discontinue...

    Just wondering why they would discontinue something that is superior to their new predecessor? Seems as if in the step in the wrong direction! I own a 6l and for the mostpart works great (using it in...
  4. Quadro 6L + Callerid on not working after put on hold

    Were having a issue when a call comes in, if the first person answers it and puts it on hold and someone else picks it up, they only get the callerid name but not the phone number.

    Any idea's? We...
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