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    Problem Solved:

    My problem in making outbound calls was that I had a different account name in my Epygi extension. Once that was sorted I could make calls out. Because I had put 00 into the hotline entry in the...
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    Yeastar TG-100 4G Gateway connection.

    I have purchased a Yeastar TG-100 4G Gateway and set it up with a local SIM.

    I have set it up as a VoIP Carrier using the wizard. I have connected it to a line. I have set incoming calls to go...
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    Problem solved. My home IP range is

    Problem solved. My home IP range is / 24 and for some reason this must have been a conflict with the virtual network of / 24. When I changed the virtual network to a range...
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    Accessing the LAN side through OpenVPN

    I have set up my OpenVPN server:
    Server Configuration
    Enable OpenVPN Server
    Listening Port: 1194
    Protocol: UDP
    Device: TUN
    Virtual Network: / 24
    Dynamic IP Address Pool:...
  5. Set up a VPN using an iPhone on iOS 10 without PPTP

    Apple in their infinite wisdom have removed PPTP from iOS 10 and now my iPhone is without a VPN back to my Epygi. I have tried to set one up using each of the remaining options but all to no avail. ...
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    This is a very old thread but I came here with...

    This is a very old thread but I came here with the same problem. After troubleshooting my problem, I discovered that it was a password issue. I had recently changed the password for my VOIP...
  7. Thank you very much for that. This is a menu...

    Thank you very much for that. This is a menu item I have not drilled down to before.
  8. Authorizatio failure then blocks my IP when on my local 3G network.

    I have an Epygi 2x2 operating on Version: 5.3.63. I have my iPhone using Counterpath's Bria registering as a remote and local extension depending whether it is on the 3G or my home WiFi. Every now...
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    Time Zone for Samoa etc.

    I realize I may have the only Epygi IPBX in Samoa (the old Western Samoa). Our capital Apia is not in the time zone list and I have used Tonga's capital Nuku'alofa. We have recently moved the...
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    For some reason I had not seen the menu item "Manage User Defined Services" on right on the "Filtering Rules" page. User defined services allow me to do what I need to do. Problem solved.
  11. I have now set up a Gmail account and this works....

    I have now set up a Gmail account and this works. It's a shame I can't use one of my own accounts but the problem is solved. However, it would be good if the firmware could cope with different...
  12. OK, I have finally found where to do this. It's...

    OK, I have finally found where to do this. It's at the bottom of the Extensions Management page as a hyperlink called Upload Universal Extension Recordings.
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    Port forwarding

    I am hoping to use the Quadro as my router given that SIP is so much easier when not behind a NAT. The problem is that I have a Network Attached Storage and a laptop that each need certain ports...
  14. Is it possible to change the default music on hold?

    I have read how to change the music on hold for individual users but what about the default music on hold? Can I upload something else that will then apply to all users? The current music is very...
  15. System Mail Settings - not sending emails

    I use Hostmonster as my mail/web server and they require non-secure connections on SMTP port 26. I have an Epygi Quadro 2x2 with firmware 5.3.21. Putting in settings that work in Outlook, I find no...
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