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  1. Note: I am familiar with the guides on: ...

    Note: I am familiar with the guides on:

    Support Center » Downloads » Support Resources » ITSP Config Guides

    But lookign for info on AT&T! :-)
  2. Any Experience with Telco T1 SIP Trunks? AT&T Specifically?

    I have clients in the US and overseas, doing well with internet services like and

    However, other clients require a bit higher quality / reliability. About 2 years ago I...
  3. thanks! Looking forward to that

    thanks! Looking forward to that
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    Open Door Lock

    The FXS port can't output 12v - i don't think it would ever happen

    A few years ago, I put together a VB program that monitored port 5060. I setup call routing to send calls there for a certain...
  5. Configure RTP Music On Hold for ALL extensions

    I just went thru the setup for Epygi Media Streamer.

    Problem is, we have quite a few extensions. Is there some way to configure RTP streaming MOH for all extensions at the same time? I'd hate...
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    Quadro 4x very bad WAN performance

    Quadro 4x with model # ending in 0103-0101
    Comcast Cable

    See attached screenshots - when using Quadro as the internet gateway, PCs on the lan get 0.75 mbit down and 1.8 mbit up.

    Thru a $20...
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    Polycom BLF

    I see this post was about 1 yr ago. Has this changed over time? Is there currently a way (or anyworkaround) to setup BLF on a polycom 650 with 2 expansion modules? This is on an M8L with latest...
  8. Figured it out...

    I entered the support site and configured TekRadius according to the file: CallDetailRecordDataFormat-Rev1.1.pdf

    Under Section 4.2 it specifies the field "DestDiscardedDigits", type #166.

  9. Radius / Call Accounting - Cannot get Client Codes


    I am testing a quadro2x (latest firmware) with the TekRadius server. The latest version of TekRadius includes an epygi dictionary. It has already logged some test calls successfully.
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