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  1. Snom 760 for M8L Firmware Update

    I'm setting up a Snom 760 using an Epygi M8L with the latest firmware. However I require an updated firmware for this phone. I went to Snom and downloaded the firmware directly however the phone...
  2. New 911 law in TX. (Kari's Law)

    On the M8L how do we ensure we meet the requirements of this new LAW.

    1st Requirement: You need to make sure that your phone system allows “911” calls without the use of additional digits before...
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    LevonD, thank you for that information. it looks...

    LevonD, thank you for that information. it looks like we are getting 4 to 5 emails of the same 64ish kb in size. Would you suggest upping the maximum memory time for a voicemail? i currently have...
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    M8L Fax to email issue

    We have an issue when receiving faxes from time to time the fax will be broken up into multiple emails. In other words lets say someone sends us a 10-page fax. The M8L is setup to send this fax as...
  5. Awesome thank you!

    Awesome thank you!
  6. Is it possible to limit access to Conference Features only on M8L

    I have a client that would like to give access for someone to log in and manage just the Conference features of an M8L via the GUI. I cannot see how to do this. Is this possible?
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    Quadro M8L send fax?

    Is it possible to configure one of the ports of the quadro M8L to hook into an analog fax machine and send faxes through IP? Can someone help lead me in the right direction/instructions if possible?
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