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    Okay, I had been testing this on a D715 but after...

    Okay, I had been testing this on a D715 but after testing on a 760 I am getting a little more info, the detail of VPN error is "Key Unassigned".
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    Connecting Snom phone to QX200 via OpenVPN

    During the cold season, we sometimes get snowed in and several of the higher-ups in the company have requested to have the capability to keep a snom phone at their desk at home so they can work...
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    Play message before custom auto attendant

    One of our clients has different holidays that they are out, and they requested the option to be able to record a message that plays before the main greeting of the auto-attendant. Because a custom...
  4. SNOM 760 Does not indicate when DND is on when using feature code

    One of our customers has reported that turning on DND will not give an indication of whether Do-Not-Disturb is enabled, as it dials *72 and enables it on the PBX but does not communicate with the...
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