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    Admin timeout problem

    This is coming from my reseller who doesn't have access to the forum. His customer is
    having the following problem.

    "I have an issue with my admin for the phone recordings. When I log in to...
  2. Additionally, by going to System -> Diagnostics...

    Additionally, by going to System -> Diagnostics and running the Network Diagnostics, that may give a clue as to what is going on. I was wandering around looking for something else and I came across...
  3. Problem solved

    After submitting an Epygi support ticket and a netcapture, they found the problem.

    I had an invalid DNS server. I went into Network -> DNS Settings and put in a valid
    IP address and now I am...
  4. Not receiving "Automatic Software Update" notification

    For several weeks, our M32x has not been sending an email every Monday
    morning at 4am with the notification of whether a firmware update is
    available or not.

    I've looked at the event log and...
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    davrays, thank you for your response. It caused...

    davrays, thank you for your response. It caused me to go back and re-read the documentation. Something I read made me look at the settings in Internet Uplink ->
    Firewall/NAT. I enabled the...
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    Intrusion alert on FXO Gateway


    A few days ago we started working with a company that is going to monitor our LAN.
    I think the agent is causing our FXO Gateway to detect an intrusion alert that is coming
    from our primary...
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    Hi Aram, thanks for the information. Do you have...

    Hi Aram, thanks for the information. Do you have any knowledge as to how soon
    the next release will be coming out?
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    Automatic backup doesn't get emailed

    On our Quadro32x, the automatic backup process is not sending me an email of the backup.
    It was working last Monday morning. On Friday, I upgraded the firmware to version 5.2.26.
    This morning the...
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