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  1. Yealink - IP Phone Template - Assign Softkeys

    Hello does anyone know of a way to assign functions to the 4 softkeys on the bottom of a Yealink T46S (or others) within the IP Phone template in Epygi.

    It allows us to manage all the line keys,...
  2. User WebUI Access - Another Extensions Voicemail

    We are familiar with setting a user up to access the web ui, but they only see their own voicemails. We many times setup shared extensions with "Many Extension Ringing" turned on and give them all...
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    Trusted Certificate

    We receive a warning in Chrome that "This certificate cannot be verified up to a trusted certification authority" when launching the WebUI for our QX500. So, I'm assuming we need to generate a...
  4. Auto Attendant - Multiple Holiday Messages


    We currently have our Auto Attendant setup to have messages for Working Hours, Non Working Hours, and Holidays. We would like to add a message for times when we have a staff meeting.
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    We have Yealink T46S phones, we have found when...

    We have Yealink T46S phones, we have found when we setup custom wallpapers or rings directly on the phone. The settings eventually get wiped out, I'm assuming Epygi sends an updated configuration to...
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    Distinctive Ring - Upload Your Own

    Would love to see the ability to upload your own WAV file for controlling the "Distinctive Ring" feature. We want to use this, but the 4 choices just aren't distinct enough for our taste.

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    eQall - IOS

    Does anyone know if eQall is available for IOS? I cannot find it anywhere, the info page indicates it exists, so maybe I'm just not searching correctly in App Store.
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