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  1. Sorry yes


    Yes, sorry Blast group is my expression for Many Extensions ringing.

  2. Two phones pick up one Incoming call problem


    We have a problem when there is a incoming call calling a blast group, if both users pick the phone up at the same time to answer the call, it cuts off.

    We have had this issue with our M8l...
  3. Just to explain in the above example, the...

    Just to explain in the above example, the extension 108 tried to call the remote extension 117
  4. Just to add to this it does appear that the...

    Just to add to this it does appear that the remote extension is dropping the call.
    Below is a sip trace from the remote extension..
    P.S I have changed the extensions around as i try to resolve this...
  5. Remote Extension Failing to dial by extension


    We are having a problem when internal users try to call remote extensions or when remote extensions try to call other remote extensions

    - The remote extensions can call internal and external...
  6. Replies

    Incoming call - transfers get dropped

    We have an issue were sometimes an incoming call when get answered by a user and then the caller is put on hold to transfer to another phone.

    The call is transferred but on the other end they only...
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