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05-19-2008, 07:52 AM
I have written software to work with the 3PCC.

I now have this software running in 3 pizza take away shops.

Download Software (http://www.posscales.com.au/call_control_update/Epygi%20Call%20Control.msi)

Download Basic_Overview.pdf (http://www.posscales.com.au/call_control_update/Basic_Overview.pdf)

• True Call Queueing (up to 10 different messages set in a loop)
• DTMF Control
• Cue Play list
• “You are 5th in the cue” announcement
• CDR logs, Output to text file (CSV)
• Dialog Log, output to text file (CSV)
• Call Cue Viewing and status
• Line Status
• Many extension ring
• Caller ID output over TCP/IP
• WAV file Uploads For extensions, AA's & Call queue
• AND many new features coming soon

Http://www.posscales.com.au/call_control_update/MAIN.JPG (http://www.posscales.com.au)

Please give me feedback and suggestions.

Thank You
Jason Loeken
POS Scales & Surveillance


05-22-2008, 12:14 AM
a little bug in the install process. it exits after installing "mysql Drivers".

Go to c:/program files/epygi call control/
Run file Launch.bat
this should then create a file called "MYSQL_Install_Log.txt"
once this is done restart the software "Epygi Call Control" from you desktop.

You will need to go through the registration before it will work.
You will also need the 3PCC licence installed in your Quadro.

Thank You