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04-29-2008, 10:59 AM
I have a service from my communications provider that allows me to use two telephone numbers on one line.

The second line causes a different ring on my handset (if I wasn't connected using a Quadro2x). Is there a way of detecting the alternate external ring and diverting to a different extension?



04-29-2008, 08:58 PM
Ok I just did a search on all the questions sharkbyte has asked and its all related to itsp, cisco's and a 2x etc...
So I can deduce that he wants to make his cisco telephone ring differently for the 2 ITSP accounts.

Ok.. it is definitely possible... in call routing you send ITSP 1 account to a MERg with the extension number 1 in it, with a caller id of "ITSP friendly name 1" and the ring as summer, ITSP 2 account send it to a different MERg with extension 2 in it, with caller id of "ITSP friendly name 2" and the ring as winter.

This scenario works very well with SNOM telephones.



04-30-2008, 07:27 AM
I'm assuming you are talking about analogue FXO line because otherwise it would not make sense to mention about "different ring on my handset".
Thus, if my assumption is correct then you can try the folloiwng:
-open the "fxoconfig.cgi" hidden page entering that name after the IP address of your Quadro in browser's address field.
-select the FXO port and at the bottom of the opened page you'll see the "Route Patterns" frame.
-enter the values for the first ring type sent by your provider and enter the extension number in the Route-Pattern field. For example, if you selected the "duet", 150-250 for ring duration, 350-450 for pause duration and 21 for Route-pattern then the call will be routed to ext. 21 in case if the ring signal received on Quadro FXO rings at least twice with activity period in 150-250 msec range and silence period in 350-450 msec range. Otherwise, if the ring cadence is different then the call will be routed according to rules specified in regular "FXO settings" page accessible from Quadro GUI. In other words it can be routed to some other extension.