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01-24-2008, 12:00 PM
Hi me again,

I'm sorry for the stupid questions, i'm still very new to Epygi and telephony / PBX as a whole. I come from an IT backround. I have just installed the 16xi for a client using all snom phone 360 on reception. All calls are setup to route to the 360, line appearence is set to 2 and i do not have call queing or AA setup. Many clients phoning in are saying that there calls are not being answered, but everytime i test it the call is answered by their receptionist. When i look at the logs and go to "missed calls" there are many calls from the PSTN to Receptionist that have been missed. Is this a problem with the receptionist just not answering the calls on time, should i increase line appearance an maybe setup call queing?

I know my client does not like AA for call queing though....

How do i know for sure that the calls are coming to the receptionist and that she is just not coping?



01-25-2008, 01:53 AM
Hi Shaun, there is no such known problem on Receptionist feature. Please use Receptionist wizard to configure Snom360 as a Receptionist. If you have't configured Call Queue on Receptionist phone and the Line Appearance is only 2, then the probability of missed calls is very high in busy hours. Let me explain. Your configuration will allow to have one active call and the second one On-Hold. 3-rd call will go to Voice Mail. To prevent this you either need to increase the Line Appearance on that IP-Line, or enable Call Queue feature. My personal opinion is, that increasing Line Appearance is not the best solution for Receptionist person, because he/she can receive some 5 calls and will need to put 4 of them On-Hold. It will be hard to handle all that calls. Activating Call Queue will put the callers into the Queue and play a message for them, instead of forwarding the calls to Voice Mail and hence leaving them unaswered. Also you can change the Queue greeting message and record there something related to your company or business, that we'll be interesting for callers :)
If either of these suggestion will not solve your problem, then you can open a TSS ticket and attach Quadro logs with missed calls. We'll try to understand the reason of missed calls. Also, please check if Snom360 has a recommended firmware installed according to Quadro version. You can find the recommended version of Snom in the release Notes of every Quadro release.