View Full Version : Yeastar TG-100 4G Gateway connection.

08-10-2022, 02:44 AM
I have purchased a Yeastar TG-100 4G Gateway and set it up with a local SIM.

I have set it up as a VoIP Carrier using the wizard. I have connected it to a line. I have set incoming calls to go to the autoattendant. It can receive a phone call and answer it. It then goes engaged and disconnects. If I dial the extension given to it by the wizard, I get the autoattendant. If I set it up to handle calls, the do not go through. Thus, I cannot receive or make calls over it. Help!

Any suggestions gratefully received.

08-11-2022, 01:26 PM
My problem in making outbound calls was that I had a different account name in my Epygi extension. Once that was sorted I could make calls out. Because I had put 00 into the hotline entry in the outbound route on the TG100, it was then trying to ring that number and got through to a local mobile service message that the number was invalid. Once the hotline entry was cleared, I was able to make calls.

The problem with incoming calls was that there was already an Account1 route on the TG100 and this was taking precedence. Once I deleted that, calls came through to the extension on the PBX and by diverting any calls to that extension to the auto-attendant using Caller ID Services in User Settings for the extension, it all behaved flawlessly.

Calls came in and I could make calls out.