View Full Version : Forwarding call externally shows extension for the CallerID

07-07-2020, 01:38 PM
I'm sure this is Call Routing table related, but cant seem to figure it out.

When calling external normally from an IP phone, the callerid of the main line shows up.
When an extension is forwarded (via Caller ID services) to and external number, the caller id shows the extension forwarding, for example, forwarding from extension 108 shows " +1 (1)08 ".

The main problem is cell carrier T-Mobile seems to block calls with incomplete callerid.

Ideally, it would be great if the callerid shown when forwarding an incoming call to an external number is the original callers callerid, but acceptable if we could get it to show the main number in the caller id.


08-20-2020, 04:06 AM

You need to modify the caller ID when you forward the call.
Please navigate to Telephony-->Call Routing-->Call Routing Table and edit the outgoing route to the SIP provider.
Check "Filter on Source / Modify Caller ID" option and click to "Next".
On the "Filter on Source / Modify Caller ID" page you can modify your outgoing caller ID.
For Example you can delete 10 digits and add a prefix +1972692166.